Mari Boine - Idjagiedas [2006] FULL ALBUM (In the Hand of the Night)

Artist: Mari Boine
Album: Idjagiedas (In the Hand of the Night)
Genre: Folk, World music, Sami joik, Jazz, Folk rock, Neofolk
Origin: Norwegian Sami
Year: 2006

The Sami yoiks are something very deeply connective. To Nature, to Earth, to People. Mari Boine makes them easier to understand for most people, by adding jazz and rock elements, but manages not to lose too much of that purity.


00:00 / 1. Vuoi Vuoi Mu
04:49 / 2. Idjagieđas --(In the Hand of the Night)
10:32 / 3. Suoivva --(The Shadow)
16:35 / 4. Gos Bat Munno Čiŋat Leat? --(Where Did All Our Colours Go?)
22:53 / 5. Mu Ustit, Eŋgeliid Sogalaš --(My Friend of Angel Tribe)
26:23 / 6. Davvi Bávttiin --(On the Fells of the North)
33:10 / 7. Lottáš --(Little Bird)
33:54 / 8. Diamántta Spáillit --(Reindeer of Diamond)
39:21 / 9. Geasuha --(Irresistible)
43:43 / 10. Áfruvvá --(The Mermaid)
48:01 / 11. Uldda Nieida --(Uldda Girl)
53:27 / 12. Big Medicine --(Fápmodálkkas)

I do NOT own this, i just admire and share so more people can find them!
All rights goes to Mari Boine and EmArcy recordings
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